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The Faith Community Health Network (FCHN) supports a growing group of dedicated Faith Community Nurses (FCNs) bringing healthcare access to vulnerable and diverse populations in a non-traditional setting.
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Nurses Leading the Way Towards Health Equity: WHAT WE DO MATTERS!

This session will be facilitated by Angel Harris, MSN, RN, Racial Equity Consultant and will be IN PERSON ONLY.

Health disparities are health differences that negatively affect specific population groups. These are groups who have experienced obstacles to quality health care due to discrimination or exclusion based on ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or other factors. According to the Healthy People 2030 document, “Our goal in the U.S. is to eliminate health disparities or health inequities by expanding access to health care for vulnerable and at-risk populations.” Nurses play a significant role in addressing social determinants of health, working towards health equity, and providing culturally competent care which can improve health outcomes. Please join us as we explore the importance of cultural competency and health equity in nursing. At the end of the session, attendees should be able to:

1. Define and understand concepts of culture, cultural awareness, cultural humility, and cultural competency.

2. Understand the link between social determinants of health and health outcomes.

3. Identify barriers to cultural competence and health equity.

We are applying for two hours of nursing CEUs and can be used to meet the Oregon State Board of Nursing cultural competency training requirement.

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