Is a Faith Community Health Ministry in Your Future?
The Faith Community Health Network (FCHN) supports a growing group of dedicated Faith Community Nurses (FCNs) bringing healthcare access to vulnerable and diverse populations in a non-traditional setting.
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Free Informational Breakfast

Free Informational Breakfast from Faith Community Health Network

It takes a village!

Do you have actively licensed registered nurses (RNs) in your congregation? Have you wondered how a nurse might safely and effectively serve your faith family and lighten some of the load of caring for your congregation? Have you heard about faith community nursing but are unclear about what a faith community nurse can do and how a faith community nurse might serve as a partner in pastoral care?

Please join us for a tasty breakfast and bring your nurse or another ministry leader from your congregation as our guests and get the answers to these questions and more at our Informational Breakfast on Faith Community Nursing!

Learn more and reserve your spot here:

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Linda Tedisch, FCN Vice President
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Linda Tedisch, FCHN Vice-President

The Faith Community Health Network and colleagues and friends are saddened to lose a cherished colleague, Linda Tedisch, FCHN Vice-President.

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We’re supporting faith community nurses and health ministers bringing access to preventive care to faith communities in Linn, Benton, and Lincoln counties of Oregon and beyond.