Is a Faith Community Health Ministry in Your Future?
The Faith Community Health Network (FCHN) supports a growing group of dedicated Faith Community Nurses (FCNs) bringing healthcare access to vulnerable and diverse populations in a non-traditional setting.


Serving the faith Community

Faith Community Nurses are nurses who serve within a faith community. They provide holistic care of the people they serve, with a focus on spiritual care.

Faith community nurses (FCNs) are actively licensed registered nurses who serve within a faith community.

Faith Community Nurses provide holistic care for the people they serve, with a focus on spiritual care. They use assessment skills to facilitate health education, advocacy, and connecting those in need to resources. They also serve as a trusted resource for guidance in managing a health condition. These nurses are not direct caregivers, rather they help faith community members navigate the proper resources to help coordinate such care.

These FCNs often lead a health ministry team. Serving as a health minister is an ideal role for health professionals (other than nurses) who are interested in applying their expertise to support their faith community, but such expertise is certainly not required. There are many ways a health minister supports the health ministry team; anyone with a servant’s heart is welcome to take the training to become a health minister.

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